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Lonsdale Quay Hotel

North Vancouver waterfront boutique hotel located in Lonsdale Quay market and shops. The hotel features free high speed internet in all  hotel rooms! The Lonsdale Quay Hotel hosts guest visiting on Business, Leisure or serves as a romantic weekend get-away.

Lonsdale Quay Hotel


Lonsdale Quay Hotel Guestrooms

Choose from Standard , Executive or Premium Waterfront Suites
Single or Two Queen Size Beds.
Comfortable bedding with accent pillows
NEW Flat Screen television
Free Wireless High Speed Internet
Granite Bathroom Counters
Air Conditioned
Lonsdale Quay Hotel Guestroom

Lonsdale Quay Hotel Reviews

5 April 2016
Let me start out by saying first off my stay at this hotel was actually quite good. The room offered me a relatively nice view although I wasn't staying there because of it. The room was clean and affordable, staff was friendly and pleasant, and the surroundings offered a lot of options in the area of food, or things to see and do.

If I had any complaints, it would be how difficult it was to find parking first but then the hotel front desk! This is NOT your traditional hotel/motel where you would drive up to a designated parking area, check in, then grab your luggage and go park your vehicle. No way!

I did a simple google maps search before I departed to try and get my bearings before I traveled there and noticed there seemed to be lots of parking available. It appeared as they were all "pay" parking, so I felt a phone call was in order for clarification. When I made my phone call I could barely understand the english of their representative and I believed him to say they offer parking in one of the garages. Instead of asking him to explain further I opted to just "wing it". Big mistake!

After wandering around driving aimlessly inside one of the garages I didn't see any spot that was designated for the hotel. Given the late time of the day I chanced getting my car impounded and picked a random parking spot that was designated for another business and ventured off to find the hotel front desk. THAT was a completely different adventure.

After parking (temporarily) I went off in search of something that looked like the hotel and wasn't having much luck. I was busy trying to take in all the new sights hoping I could find my way back to my car in the end. I was reminded by an old song from the 70's called "Signs" as everywhere I searched there were signs but not the one I was looking for "Lonsdale Hotel Front Desk". I ended up in the Market on the main floor and it was nearly all closed up. As luck would have it someone in one of the shops pointed me in the general direction where I might find the front desk. Who would have known it was on one of the upper floors above the market?!

Once I finally connected with someone at the front desk, they were patient, friendly and seemingly understanding of not only MY frustration finding them and parking but also those of others that were speaking with them. I gather this is a common issue?

Once I got myself checked in, they gave me a parking pass to place on my car only to find out it gave me "permission" to park overnight, but I was still charged for it. Huh?! I also found out I was initially looking in the wrong parking garage in order to take advantage of the parking permit so I had to go in search of THAT new parking garage which happened to be next door to the one I was in. If it wasn't for the two kind security guards who got me straightened out I would still be going in circles.

Really, the hotel, staff and its amenities was nice. I mean, very nice! But finding the hotel front desk along with the parking situation is where I limit my review marks.

Feb 16 2016
This is a weird one, but we totally loved it. We stayed with 2 teens, which was perfect, but I'm not sure it would be for everyone. In fact my first thought at check in was, "What have I done?"

The hotel is fine. No worries.

Here's the deal. This hotel is actually attached to a little mall, with unique shops and restaurants. The lobby is on the second floor and overlooks the mall. That's the weird part.

However, the little mall is jam packed with charm and quality. For breakfast you can choose from about 20 things in 6 different places. For lunch or dinner you can choose from about 200 things in 20 different places. Then you can meet at a table...outside...overlooking the water...with the stunning Vancouver skyline to keep you company.

The whole thing is less than 50 steps away from water taxis that go to downtown in less than 5 minutes, and all the buses that go pretty much everywhere on the north side (the two suspension bridges, Grouse Mountain, etc).

The Quay has a cannon somewhere that goes off at sunset. How fun is it to grab a couple of beers or some wine and sit on a bench and watch the sunset? Real fun. Equally fun? Having a coffee with sea lions and sea gulls and watching a cruiseship park in the Harbor.

The day we went to ride bikes around Stanley Park (which I highly recommend) we bought some nice bread, grapes, cheese, sausage, a couple of water bottles, and a backpack. One of the smartest things I've ever done. Wish I'd known better and done that for Grouse Mountain (Mountain? Terrific. Food up there? Not.)

Like it said, the little mall thing is weird - but also what made it so memorable.

Jan 20 2016
Great spot and super value.
Close to access everywhere. Parking is extra so make sure you account for that.
The market below is full of lots of touristy products and some great fresh baking and flowers.
Spend some time getting a massage downstairs too.
Been there about 7 times and haven't had a bad room

The bathrooms were nothing spectacular, but they were clean and serviceable with plenty of counter space. The real highlight of this hotel is its location. It's in an indoor market and right next to the sea bus and regular bus terminals.

16 Nov 2014
This is a great place to stay. The hotel is very well managed, the staff is super friendly. The location is superb, right above a market with interesting food vendors and a craft brewery!  ...

84% Guest Reviews

Lonsdale Quay Hotel Amenities

Lonsdale Quay Hotel gym
waterfront Fitness Facility you can enjoy the scenic Vancouver Skyline making your work out a memorable one


Lonsdale Quay Hotel North Vancouver MAP and Location

Located in North Vancouver at the Lonsdale Quay Public Market, the hotel is right at the Lonsdale Quay Seabus Station and downtown Vancouver is a short ride away.


Premium Waterfront Hotel the Lonsdale Quay Hotel features your choice of Standard, Junior Suites or Executive Waterfront rooms

Lonsdale Quay Hotel
123 Carrie Cates Court,
North Vancouver,
British Columbia
V7M 3K7

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