Canadian Border Crossing  in Vancouver

Tips for Crossing the Border into Canada
Know What to Expect When Crossing the Border into Canada:

Everyone wants to get across the border hassle free here are some tips to help your crossing go smoothly.
The best way to make sure this happens is to know what to expect and be prepared. Being a border guard can be a tricky thing after all it is there job to keep the borders secure and safe.

Know What ID is Necessary: US visitors arriving to Canada need a passport.

Find out more about necessary ID to cross the Canada border. Canada Border Services

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If you are crossing often you may want to look into Nexus which is a pre clearance ID that allows you to cross the border in a express lane.

Have ID Ready to Present to Border Officer: Passengers should pass their passports and other ID to the driver before reaching the border services booth. Don't start searching for it once you've already pulled up to the booth.

Have a Note for Children Traveling without Both Parents: Adults traveling over the border into Canada with children who are not their own should have a written note from the parents or guardians giving permission for the children to leave the country. The permission should include the name and contact information of the parent or guardian. Even if you are with your own child but not the other parent, bringing the other parent's written permission to take the child over the border is a good idea.

Know What You Can and Can't Bring into Canada: Consult Canada Border Services for details about what travelers can bring across the border into Canada. |

Whether you're wondering if you can bring a pet to Canada, how much alcohol and tobacco you're allowed , or what the restrictions are for hunting rifles and motor boats, know the rules for what you can and can't bring into Canada before you show up at the Border Officer's booth.

Have Your Car Registration Available: Border officials are always on the lookout for stolen vehicles or people trying to avoid duties on vehicles purchased out of country, so having your car registration on hand is a good idea.

The Border Guard will ask you a series of questions, such as "How long you will be in the country?" "Why are you traveling to Canada?" and "What is the address of the place where you will you be staying?" Answer these questions directly. This is not a time to seem unsure or crack jokes.

Roll Down the Front and Back Car Windows if There are Back Seat Passengers: Upon arriving at the Canada Border Services booth, roll down your front and back windows so that the border officer can not only speak to the driver, but address people seated in the back of the vehicle as well.

Check Out Border Wait Times Before Crossing: Before crossing the border into Canada, check out border wait times.

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Border Wait Times into Canada

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